The End Of The Line

Commuting and reading in public places


In between sessions at this year’s Derby Book Festival, I decided that a lighter book may be easier to carry around with me all day!  Sat in The Quad at Derby, I began the story of Kick Kennedy, the favourite sister of JFK and look forward to hearing all about her at next week’s afternoon tea with the author.

The Fireman

Libraries are wonderful things, especially when they have a constant supply of books on your to be read list!  A massive tomb of over 700 pages, this one may take me a little while; but Stephen King’s son’s portrayal of a society where people are spontaneously burning has me hooked!

Daughter Of Empire

Another memoir/biography and I still have a few more to get through.  I usually read this genre at Christmas, so I’m not sure what’s happening at the moment!  The tale of Pamela Hicks and her life as a Mountbatten is way different to the Chris Packham memoir but some interesting anecdotes about her life and her connection to the Royal family are coming through.

Before The Fall

I’ve wanted to read this one for a while, so snapped it up quickly when it was on offer at the book store.  The story of a lone adult survivor from a plane crash and the investigation that ensures afterwards, draws you in so quickly, that before you know it, you’re hooked!  Will definitely pick up more from this author – loved it!

Fingers In The Sparkle Jar

I chose carefully on my travels to London Town.  Firstly this wonderful, captivating memoir by Chris Packham.  So sad but made me more aware of how society treats people that appear to be different.

A Boy Made Of Blocks

I’m still on holiday,  but had to make a trip into Nottingham today.  I spent the tram ride wisely finishing off this gem.  Another book on autism I hear you cry, but this one deals with a Father bonding with his autistic son through playing computer games and how you deal with the care and development of a child when authorities don’t deem him as too autistic.  Wonderful.

Writing Home

Do you ever have one of those books that you enjoy reading but just can’t seem to finish?  Well this was one of them!  I adore Alan Bennett, but the sheer size of this meant it was impossible to take on my daily commute.  So it sat forlorn on my bedside table until such time as I went on holiday and sat determined to finish it and thanks to the glorious Norfolk sunshine, I promptly did!  This is a wonderful mixture of anecdotes and stories, told mostly in diary form; this man is a national treasure!

The Odyssey

The sun is shining, summer is just round the corner (hopefully), so what better time to read this classic?  Inspired by Simon Armitage’s pilgrimage, the language and flow is exquisite!

How Much The Heart Can Hold

Short stories seems to be the order of the day at the moment, although early starts and feeling travel sick don’t add up to many pages being read.  I guess that’s the beauty of short stories is that you can leave them and pick them up at a later stage quite easily.  So for now this collection has been retired to the to be read shelf.  To be continued…

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